don noir, live pink

Thursday, February 25, 2010

when answering a question "pink or black?" on formspring, i replied "don noir, live pink." now, it's my new mantra.

i've been a fan of the all noir look for a few years now, making it quite challenging to find anything in my closet. on a positive note, everything matches and accessories pop. noir is chic, classic, dresses up or down, and makes me think audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's.

my response to "live pink" is a reminder to be exuberant, relish in fun coupled with flair, surround yourself with girly, sparkliness. why not have a pink home when your neighbors all have beige? why not drive a pink vespa and stand out among the standard black ones? "live pink" is my new perfect reminder to bask in being 100% moi. why even try keep up with the jones'? savor being authentically you!

i'm donning noir, living pink. et toi?


(cc) pink house (cc) black dress

posted by kimberly wilson
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