day sept:
while beau slept like a bebe, i was up until 5am again reading, writing, tweeting, and being. ah, he was up at 9 and i was up at 2. let the day begin. i was eagerly spewing out the many to-dos i wanted to accomplish today when he begged for cafe and food. oh yeah, food! i was so excited about seeing bonnard, monet, and the musee d'orsay gift show that i forgot about that basic need. we first hit the cafe at musee d'orsay. note my *delicious* jasmine tea, beau sooo happy to be sipping his first parisian espresso, and the decadent cake that topped off our mid-afternoon lunch. yum! next to see my favorite artists: monet, manet, cezanne, renoir, sisley, and degas. we're able to snap photos of this gorgeous art if we don't use our flash. this was a new concept to moi and i loved getting a shot in front of monet. i was over the moon when we stumbled upon the ornate reception room full of chandeliers and told beau we should have louis' 10-year birthday bash there. ok, a petit dream but he IS my beloved "son." after blissfully twirling around in this room we headed over to see bonnard - the most fave artist who i named my first born son (noir feline) after. picked up a few goodies in the gift store and headed to wh smith to shop their impressive style section of books. en route we hit the ferris wheel and spontaneously decided to indulge our spirits. total treat. that's where the photo of the eiffel tower was taken. great views. only horror, they were playing cotton-eyed joe on the speaker system inside the cabins. yikes! american music everywhere which i sometimes enjoy, but not cotton-eyed joe when savoring such romantic views. found some fabulous books at wh smith and wrote down the titles rather than adding to my overflowing collection: how to be adored: a girl's guide to hollywood glamour, backward in high heels: the impossible art of being female, beauty in bloom, and the goddess experience: custom made for you. fun titles and flashy, inspiring eye candy inside. future must-adds to my library! next to our final destination: moulin rouge for dinner and show. en route we passed chanel again and i snapped this not-so-fabulous shot of the famous staircase beautifully featured in coco before chanel. being near this spot of innovation and creativity feels incredibly special. *loved* the sparkles and feathers at moulin rouge. we were continually entertained by the experience although we couldn't quite describe it. we walked home for over an hour and stopped for some late night tea and frommage. it seems to be becoming a trend that i'd like to continue when we get home. total delight. helps you stop for a moment to reflect, savor, and be disconnected from technology. i've been enjoying this savor-filled experience. paris is *all* about the experience. the details. the beauty. the scents. the art of everyday. mille bisous. bon nuit.
posted by kimberly wilson
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