indulge in tranquility

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

for those of you on the call tonight with the lovely christine arylo of self love studio, you know that the big dare i gave you was to indulge in 5 minutes of tranquility EACH day. in case you need some suggestions on how to make that happen, here are a few of my favorites:

sip hot tea
do 10 sun salutations
pet your furry friends
take a walk
arrange flowers
light a candle
listen to carla bruni
savor miso soup
take a hot bath
pen a snail mail thank you
call your gramma
write in your journal
paint your nails
curl your hair
eat chocolate covered almonds
don comfy togs and do legs up the wall

let me know how *you* indulge in tranquility. i hope you will participate in this challenge and make it part of your everyday. xoxo

posted by kimberly wilson
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