savvy ways to make a difference

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
"be the change you wish to see in the world." - gandhi

say "merci beaucoup"
plant a garden
don eco-fashion
buy local
give a seedling
plant a tree or grove as a gift
hold open a door for the person behind you
donate to a favorite charity each month
support animal rights
eat less meat, eat more veggies
write an old-fashioned snail mail letter
for every item you bring home, give something away
give gratitude each day
bake cookies
adopt a manatee
live your passion
do yoga
embrace feminism
take a deep breath before entering a room
adopt a pet
carry a reusable water bottle
surround yourself with fresh flowers
light a candle
sip fair trade tea
listen to inspiring music
go green
buy organic
pay attention
stay informed
adopt a pug
call your gramma
share your voice
protest shark fin soup
change the world one purchase at a time
support local farmer's markets
do more yoga
write it out in your journal
buy local art
remember birthdays
give kudos publicly
support friends' dreams
throw a chariTea soiree
start a business
launch a non-profit
head a girls' group
adopt an orangutan (i adopted dodo - in the photo!)
give a compliment
support indie music

there are SO many ways to make a difference and i've only scratched the surface. please feel free to add to this list in the comments section! xo
posted by kimberly wilson
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