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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

for years i've been obsessed with great apes, particularly orangutans. cutest things ever. and, sadly, endangered. my mum sent me these photos and i had to share. can you stand them?

over the past few days activism has been on my mind night and day for various reasons. however, i haven't had the time to truly share all i'm feeling and experiencing on the blog. look for a heartfelt post forthcOMing and, in the interim, please enjoy these darling photos and consider adopting your own orangutan at orangutan outreach. i adopted dodo 1-2 years ago. love. him.

wishing you a wonderful wednesday full of good deeds and belly laughs.
oh, a REMINDER that the 4-week tranquility project e-course launches tonight! over the moon to share this with our exciting participants from all over the world.

finally, happy, happy birthday to guest blogger samara. wishing her (and YOU) a sparkly day! off to internship.

posted by kimberly wilson
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