monday musing

Monday, September 13, 2010
this weekend was spent at beau's family home in upstate new york for the annual corn roast. i binged on cupcakes. so much so that i struggled to remove my ring that evening. wowza! that's *a lot* of cupcakes!

en route to his hOMetown, we stopped at the farm sanctuary and met many of our sponsored barnyard members. this week's tranquility du jour tv will be a video of the experience - includes meeting 1-month old piglet bob who was smitten with beau's shoelaces!

as we were heading out of town i came across this darling bench with one of my favorite quotes by gandhi: "be the change you wish to see in this world." a beautiful reminder as we start this fresh week.

*what* is the change you wish to see? and what small steps can you take to make it a reality? wishing you a joyful, tranquil start to this week. think: oodles of possibility!

posted by kimberly wilson
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