day huit:
 up until 5 or 6am again. *still* on dc time. slept until 2 and headed out to the world's oldest cafe, le procope, and was less than impressed. i was excited about a true cafe, this was now more of a fancy restaurant serving ungodly dishes like braised ox cheek. yuck! we left and headed to a delightful sidewalk cafe nearby. that's where we indulged in that gorgeous cheese plate above. next to rasa for 1.5 hours of yummy yin yoga taught mainly in french. absolute delight. then we rewarded ourselves with nutella-filled crepes. oh my, it was even too sweet for moi which is unheard of. i couldn't finish it but was sure to get every bit of whipped creme i had smoothered on top. we walked along the seine for at least an hour en route to the eiffel tower. we'd hoped to take a ride up to sip bubbly in the champagne bar but didn't have the patience to wait in lines and they were incredibly long. instead i jumped onto the colorful carousel with glee. love. me. some. carousels. there is something about the music, colors, sparkles, painted ceilings, lights, and twirling that feels decadent. i stayed on for a second spin. truly a highlight of this trip. we took the metro back to a nearby stop, walked many blocks home so i could grab a book and headed to yet another sidewalk cafe. it's 10ish at night at that point and i savored the yummy salad shown above topped off, of course, with my second parisian banana split. note the look in beau's eyes as he gets ready to dive into the whipped creme covered banana split. i wrote in my journal, sipped mint tea, he read on his iPhone, and then we chatted about what we wanted to do by this time next year. moi: develop etsy shop, grow TranquiliT luxe, 1.5 years MSW completed (2.5 to go), develop online tranquilista series (spin off of online creativity circle). finally, we walked home in the rain with full bellies and happy hearts. another divine day parisian style.
posted by kimberly wilson
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